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National Federation of Cemetery Friends 2024 AGM

To be hosted by Foster Hill Road Cemetery, Bedford on June 8th.

Please Note

Weather, health and safety concerns and other issues may cause events to be postponed or cancelled and you are advised to contact the local group to confirm any detail nearer to the event. Please note that any guidance on health and safety should be followed and in some cases the ground may be wet, muddy and/or uneven and stout footwear and suitable clothing is essential for outdoor events such as walks. Many cemeteries were laid out in Victorian times and access may be restricted in parts for safety reasons. The closeness in the grave plots, vandalism and undergrowth may make access difficult for persons with mobility or sight problems. Cemetery managers and voluntary groups of Friends may in some cases be able to advise if there are any local facilities to assist disabled visitors such as an individual to guide a visitor (and their escort or helper) but this is best arranged prior to the proposed visit. Some cemeteries ban dogs, others may permit dogs on a lead and if you propose to take a dog please check first with either the cemetery manager or the local friends group.