Funerary Monuments Group

The Funerary Monuments Group was formed by members of the NFCF with experience in conservation of cemeteries with the role of advising and supporting newly established groups or small groups lacking the experience of operating in larger established cemetery groups. The group also is able to liaise with national conservation agencies such as English Heritage.

It was decided at a meeting in January 2010 to merge the administration of the Graves at Risk Register with the functions of the FMG group which includes cemetery safety, conservation of graves and advising on the Listing of graves.

The FMG welcomes enquiries from NFCF Members on the care of graves of architectural or artistic importance or of historical importance associated with a famous or locally well known personage or event such as a battle or disaster. The Graves at Risk Register application form incorporates the ability to recommend a grave for Listing. Copies of entries on the Register will be forwarded to cemetery owners and to the national conservation agency to alert them of our concern. The panel welcomes questions on the listing of memorials, cemetery safety etc and we aim to make any advice available on this site.

A leaflet on how to get a funerary monument listed is available from the NFCF secretary.