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Friends Of Lister Lane Cemetery

Lister Lane Cemetery formerly the Halifax General Cemetery was established as a commercial enterprise. It was opened in 1841 as the first non-denominational burial ground in the area, answering a much-needed demand for burial space outside the overcrowded churchyards of the town. Covering three acres, the cemetery became the final resting of some 20,000 individuals before its closure in 1963 by which time Halifax Borough Council had acquired it. Abandoned, the cemetery became neglected and overgrown. Its former Manager's Lodge was demolished in the 1970s; and whilst the Mortuary Chapel remains in situ it is in a ruinous state.

Since its formation in 1999, the Friends of Lister Lane Cemetery have been caring for the site with support from Calderdale Bereavement Services turning it into a green oasis in what is now a heavily populated area of Halifax. The Friends are actively involved with onsite clearance. gardening, and conservation; researching those who were interred at the cemetery; running guided tours, open days and events as well as raising awareness of this historical cemetery.